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16 Feb 2020 - Our NEW cables are now compatible with the latest VCDS 16.8.3 software! We have full stocks, order now for immediate worldwide delivery!

29 Jul 2016
- We have full stocks of our VCDS 11.11.3 cables and software. Order now for fast worldwide delivery!

April 2013 - Our NEW cables are now compatible with the latest VCDS 11.11.3 software!  We have full stocks, order now for immediate worldwide delivery!

26 Oct 2010 -
VCDS 10.6 available as both 32 & 64 bit software. See support page to download...

05 Aug 2010 -
Our cables are now compatible with the latest 10.6 version of the VCDS software! Order now!

17 Sept 2010
- We now offer payment via  a wide range of secure online and offline methods. Contact us for more details...

20 March 2010 - We now ship worldwide!

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  About our VCDS Cables...

VAG Diagnostics VCDS 10.6 CableVAG Diagnostics VCDS 10.6 Cable
Our cables are made to the exact same specification as the official Ross Tech cable, and work exactly the same giving you fully registered access to all modules and features of VCDS 16.8.3 software while being only a quarter of the price of the official cable!

Each cable comes complete with a step-by-step installation instructions and a digital copy of the Ross-Tech VCDS user guide to help you get the best out of the cable. In addition all our cables come with a 12 months warranty for piece of mind.

We are the only company to offer our VCDS cables, and the only company that provides unlimited support for our products. With this in mind don't be tempted by the cheap Chinese copies on eBay from sellers that offer no support and products that don't work.

  VCDS Cables & Software
Our VCDS cables allow fully activated and unlimited access to all features of Ross Tech's VCDS 16.8.3 software and can be used with all VAG vehicles (Audi, VW, Seat & Skoda) from 1994 to 2017, including the new Audi A1, Q5/7, A5, A6, A8, all Golf-5 platform cars (Golf, TT, A3,  Leon), new Seat Ibiza, and pretty much any VAG with an OBDII port (and some without!). If your VAG vehicle has a 16 pin OBDII port our VCDS cable will work.

Our cables work just like the the official CAN-HEX-USB Ross Tech cable and provides full fault code scanning and clearing, full module coding and adaptation, datalogging, output tests, airbag resetting, and service interval/light resetting as well as many more features to enable you to diagnose and set-up your VAG vehicle like you want it.


VAG Diagnostics Ltd VCDS 11.11.3 - Modules

VAG Diagnostics Ltd VCDS 11.11.3 - About

  VAG Vehicle List...
VAG Diagnostics Ltd VCDS cables work with pretty much all VAG vehicles from 1994 to 2017 which have CAN, HEX or Dual K lines including (but not limited to!):

Audi A1  2010+
Audi A2 (8Z) 2000 - 2008
Audi A3/S3 (8L) 1997 - 2008
Audi A3/S3 (8P) 2004+
Audi A3 Cabriolet (8P chassis) 2008+
Audi A4/S4/RS4 (8D) 1995 - 2008
Audi A4/S4/RS4/Cabriolet (8E/8H) 2001+
Audi A4/S4/RS4/Cabriolet (??) 2008+
Audi A4/S4/RS4 ("B7" platform) 2005+
Audi A4/S4/RS4 (B8 platform, 8K chassis) 2008+
Audi A5/Cabriolet 2007+
Audi A5/S5 Cabriolet (8F chassis) 2010+
Audi A5/S5 (B8 platform, 8T chassis) 2008+
Audi 100/A6/S6 (4A) 1991 - 1997
Audi A6/S6/RS6/allroad (4B) 1997 - 2006
Audi A6/S6/RS6 (C6 platform, 4F chassis) 2005+
Audi Q5 2007+
Audi Q5 (8R chassis) 2009+
Audi Q7 (4L) 2006+
Audi A8/S8 (4D) 1994 - 2002+
Audi A8/S8 (4E) 2003+
Audi TT (8N) 1999 - 2007
Audi TT (8J) 2007+
Audi R8 (42 chassis) 2007+
Seat Alhambra (7M) 1996+
Seat Altea (5P) 2004+
Seat Arosa (6B/6H) 1997 - 2004+
Seat Exeo (3R chassis) 2009+
Seat Ibiza / Cordoba (6K) 1993 - 2002+
Seat Ibiza / Cordoba (6L) 2002+
Seat Ibiza (6J chassis) 2008+
Seat Inca (9K) 1996 - 2003
Seat Leon / Toledo (1M) 2000+
Seat Leon (1P) 2006+
Seat Toledo (1L) 1992 - 1999+
Seat Toledo (5P) 2005+
Skoda Fabia (6Y) 2000+
Skoda Fabia (5J) 2005+
Skoda Felicia (6X) 1996 - 2001+
Skoda Octavia I (1U) 1997+
Skoda Octavia II (1Z) 2005+
Skoda Pick Up (67) 1996 - 2001
Skoda Roomster (5J) 2006+
Skoda Superb (3U) 2002+
Skoda Superb (3T chassis) 2008+
Skoda Yeti (5L chassis) 2010+
VW Caddy (9K) 1996 - 2003+
VW Caddy (2K) 2004+
VW Corrado +

VW Crafter (2E) 2006+
VW Eos (1F) 2006+
VW Fox/Spacefox/Sportvan/Suran (5Z) 2005+
VW Gol/Parati/Saveiro (5X) 2000+
VW Golf/Jetta II (19E) 1983 - 1992
VW Golf/Jetta/Vento/Cabriolet III (1H) 1992 - 1998+
VW Golf Cabriolet IV (1E) 1999 - 2002
VW Golf/Jetta/Bora IV (1J/9M) 1998 - 2006
VW Golf/Jetta/Bora V (1K/5M) 2004+
VW Golf/GTI/Jetta (1K/5K chassis) 2010+
VW Golf Variant/Wagon (1K chassis) 2007+
VW Golf Plus (5M chassis) 2005+
VW Golf Mk.6 (5K chassis) 2009+
VW LT (2D) 1996+
VW Lupo (6E/6X) 1999+
VW New Beetle/Cabriolet (1C/1Y/9C) 1999+
VW Passat (31/3A) 1988 - 1994+
VW Passat (3B) 1997 - 2005+
VW Passat (3C) 2006+
VW Passat CC (35/3C chassis) 2008+
VW Phaeton (3D) 2002+
VW Phaeton (3D chassis) ("facelift", MY 2008+) 2007+  
VW 6N/6N2) 1994 - 2002+  VW 9N) 2002+  
VW Scirocco  2008+  
VW Scirocco (13 chassis) 2009+  
VW Sharan (7M) 1995+  
VW Tiguan (5N chassis) 2008+
VW Touareg (7L) 2003+  
VW Touareg (7L6 chassis) ( 2007+  
VW Touran (1T) 2003+  
VW Transporter ( 70 ) 1991 - 1996
VW Transporter (7D) 1997 - 2003  
VW Transporter (7H/7J) 2003+

The list above only shows a few of the vehicles that our cables work with, if your VAG vehicle is not listed, do not worry as our cables work with 99% of all VAG vehicles from 1994 to 201
7. If your VAG vehicle has a 16 pin OBDII port our VCDS cables will work. However,  please feel free to contact us if you want to check that your vehicle is compatible.

  Full Unlimited Support and Worldwide Shipping
VAG Diagnostics Ltd provides full unlimited support to all our customers to help them to install, set-up, and use our VCDS cables and software. We have been using these cables for years on a huge variety of VAG vehicles and we can advise on the correct coding/adaptations for new keys, sat-navs (RNS-E), cruise control, setting DRLs, MFSWs, Bluetooth, anti-hijack locking, datalogging, output testing and many more adaptations and features.

We ship all our cables by fully tracked recorded delivery to anywhere in the world using bubble wrapped packaging to ensure it reaches you quickly and in perfect condition.

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